Entrepreneur, International speaker
Keynote speaker

Single-handed yachtsman, entrepreneur, speaker, author and coach. It all started early on with his great passion - the Sea.

Ricardo was raised in a small fishing village in Portugal but moved to London aged 5, where his Father worked as a journalist at the BBC. He lived in London until the age of 11 and spent more than half of his life living abroad, including France, the United States, Monaco and several Caribbean islands. He has developed projects, missions and expeditions to communicate Sustainability, Education and Portuguese achievements since 1996.

Throughout his career, Ricardo has faced many challenges, some also ashore. As he risked everything time and time again, always investing in projects he firmly believed in, Ricardo ended up homeless three times. But he never gave up and he always made it! From rags to riches, Ricardo started his first business aged 12 and by 19 he was already a Captain.

Today Ricardo is 42 years old and has sailed over 100.000 miles, the equivalent of 4 times around the world.

As a successful international speaker, Ricardo touches on various topics, including sales, marketing, team work, innovation and determination.